La Divina Restaurant in Valpolicella valley (Italy)
La Divina Restaurant in Valpolicella valley (Italy)

La Divina Menu

Unique dishes, light and tasty, of meat or fish

Restaurant with the Florentine steak

In a relaxing, tranquil climate you can enjoy our unique dishes, with the staff’s complicity and kindness, making your meals moments of pleasure and precious memories.

Our staff will greet you with their cordiality, and will propose recipes to taste which are rich in fantasy, unique and innovated.

The cuisine is traditional and creative, made lighter and tastier, thanks to the experience of our chefs ready to satisfy every need and desire.

The pastries are rigorously made by us, even with typical cakes of the local tradition and gastronomic culture.

Well taken care of is the wine list of white wines, reds and local sparkling wines with a wide choice, in particular, the wines of the Valpolicella which are of world wide fame, including the famous Amarone of the Valpolicella.

Here are some examples of our menus:

In price of these menus the drinks are not included.

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